It’s time to kick out the DA in the City of Cape Town

It is time that those of us who care – and who can – take on the City of Cape Town in their cruel, heartless war against the homeless and the poor of this City.

It’s time to stop Dan Plato and his MANCO team in their tracks – and to kick them out.

We can no longer afford to shake our heads and stare at our shoes when the homeless are bullied by employees of this City … when their possessions are confiscated and dumped … when they are fined – simply for being homeless.

A City that cares has a moral duty to take responsibility for the welfare of those who have fallen on troubled times.

What has the City of Cape Town done to ease the plight of those who have nothing? There are at least 12,000 people who wander the streets of the City – homeless.

This City is doing nothing.

This City doesn’t want to do anything.

This City would rather dump them in the throwbacks of apartheid: the dumping grounds they call townships.

It is time that those of us who can, fight back.

It is time for those of us who are horrified by this behaviour to do something.

It is time for those of us who care, to organise.

It is time to kick out every councilor who supports ‘apartheid behaviour’. In previous local government elections too many of us have wrung our hands in exasperation before washing them and going on with our lives, after the DA once again managed to get away with continuing to harass the homeless and continuing to convince people in the townships that a miserable existence is what they deserve and will always get.

Most residents of this city deserve better.

So, let us join hands to vote out the DA.

What exactly am I saying? I’m saying anything but the DA.

There are some wonderful organisers in the townships. There are some tough fighters for justice among the homeless.

I know.

I’ve read and seen what many of them are capable of.

Let all of us who care form a broad alliance – to make Cape Town a City worth living in … for EVERYONE.