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For Dianne Kohler Barnard … The Idiot’s Guide to PW Botha

DIANNE Kohler Barnard has been in trouble before. Five years ago, she was suspended for a working week – by her own Chief Whip – for shouting an obscenity in Parliament. But this time, the Democratic Alliance’s shadow police minister … Continue reading

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Here’s why SARU’s entire leadership should resign

A significant number of South African citizens – good, principled men and women – have never believed that the South African Rugby Union (SARU) could ever be a credible agent for the promotion of non-racial sport, and particularly non-racial rugby, … Continue reading

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The coach, SARU and the government … they’re all up to crap

THERE’S one thing that every rugby fan can look forward to when Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer names the squad that he will be taking with him to the World Cup in September: a long, angry debate about the lack of … Continue reading

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Okay, all you moral crusaders, how many of you called for Ali Bacher to be jailed for organizing rebel cricket tours?

There aren’t all that many sports ministers in the world as far as I’m aware. So South Africa’s Fikile Mbalula is one of a few. And thank goodness for that…. I don’t believe I’m being vindictive when I say that … Continue reading

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Hypocrites, more hypocrites and damn hypocrites

THIS is a column about cricket and politics in South Africa – and about the products associated with a bull’s bum, which spew out with irritating monotony from the mouths of former cricketers with shameful records of acquiescence during the … Continue reading

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Death of a dancer – and the way we treat our artists

ON A chilly Sunday evening in July 2014, more than 500 people watched, transfixed. as an old, beta-format compilation of video clips whirred, crackled and brought to life snippets of past performances of a South African dancing great – on … Continue reading

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From once a South African to always an Australian – the long journey of Keith Majoos

KEITH Majoos is sitting in an apartment less than 100 metres from Surfer’s Corner’ in Muizenberg, near Cape Town, doing what Australians refer to as ‘lounging’ and South Africans as ‘catching up on the old days’. Majoos, a self-employed IT … Continue reading

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Promoting SA music … in Australia

ABOUT 40 years ago a teenager from one of Cape Town’s southern suburbs sat mesmerized in a local theatre as a teenybopper idol named Jonathan Butler belted out his first great hit, a wistful ballad called ‘Please Stay’ This week, … Continue reading

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Beware of Governments seeking too much protection in Protection of Information Bills

When governments in free countries lose the capacity to govern effectively, they look for scapegoats – and, invariably, one of the first things they will then do is chip away at the rights that underpin the democracy they once promised … Continue reading

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All Black Inside The Rainbow Nation

In the early 1980s, I faced the most powerful man in South African rugby across the biggest boardroom table I’d ever seen, and listened respectfully as he pointed (PW Botha-style) at me and barked: ‘You … are anti-South African.’ I’ll … Continue reading

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