Caption Writing

We love our captions fresh

Here’s something we tell anyone who cares to listen: ‘Never state the obvious in a caption.

It’s not easy advice to give – or to follow. But we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is.

After all, we know we’d be irritated if we read a caption that said, ‘A smiling Jacob Zuma shakes Jeff Radebe’s hand’, for a photograph of a smiling Jacob Zuma shaking Jeff Radebe’s hand.

We’d also be miffed if we read a caption that repeated something that’s already in the text.

It’s a waste of time. And it’s lazy writing.

So why would we want to waste our clients’ time?

It isn’t easy to write a caption. Try saying something interesting in a single line – and you’ll appreciate just how difficult it can be.

And extended captions can be as tricky.

But whether short or extended, there’s a secret to it: plain, old-fashioned hard work.

Here’s how the caption writers at Dougie Oakes Communications go about writing a caption: after identifying the photograph, we head for the Internet (or the nearest bookcase) in search of extra information. Once we find what we’re looking for, we sit down and write. And then we rewrite.

We’ll only stop when we’re happy we have a caption that can dance and sing.

See some examples below:

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