How to write an ad that sings

Our client says he wants some kickass marketing copy to sell a couple of thousand torches he’s imported from China.

‘Give me something better than this 500mHa crap that says absolutely nothing about these torches,’ he says.

He hands us a torch.

‘We want three,’ we tell him.

For the next few hours we take turns to play with the torches. We switch them on and off. We point and shine them – under the bed, into the roof, under the duvet, into the lemon tree at 11o’clock at night.

We put one in the fridge and leave it for 90 minutes. We knock it, squeeze it, bite it and do unmentionable things with it.

We read the instructions. ‘Keep away from moisture and water,’ says point number 5.

And so we drop one into a bath of hot water. Not a good idea.

A second one gets dropped onto the pavement. The glass cracks into tiny pieces, but the globe’s still working.

Many hours later, just two sentences get typed onto a word processor. Then, one of us calls the client and says: ‘Hey John, I think you’re going to like this.’

What we’d like to highlight is that copywriters need to know their subject. And the best way to know it is to research it thoroughly – from holding and taking it apart, to finding every piece of information (both good and bad) about it.

This is how we prepare. Only when we’re certain we know everything will we start writing.

View some examples we have written below:

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