Tomorrow, we’re driving to a place where the sand roars…

Tomorrow, we’re driving to a place where the sand roars…

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And so we said goodbye to Augrabies Falls – “the place of the great noise”. It was everything the guidebooks said it would be. But now, a new adventure – and a noise of a different kind – beckoned: our new destination was a 2 500 ha island of white sand in the middle of a vast red Kalahari landscape.

The white sands of appropriately named Witsands have a special, eerie quality, we were told…

“They roar when the wind blows in the right direction. And when you stroke your hand over the surface of the sand, you’ll hear a soft, rumbling sound.”

It was something worth looking forward to.

As we headed east along the N14, we also pencilled in Kuruman (and its Eye), and wondered whether Hotazel really would be as hot as hell….

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