Today, a donkey cart overtook us on a gravel road between Garies and Hondeklipbaai…

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We hardly noticed it, though. We were in the grip of spring flower fever.

On either side of the road, a blaze of purple, white, yellow, orange, red – just about every colour you could think of – stretched for kilometres into the distance.

It was an awesome floral display – and we wanted to enjoy it … slowly.

Time, they say, is not important in Namaqualand. But timing is – and ours (as well as our sense of place) had been perfect….
And still, our trip was far from over. Ahead was Komaggas, with its distinctive matjieshuise and outside ovens known as bakoonde, the town of Springbok, with its Hester Malan Nature Reserve, and the appropriately named Spektakel Pass.

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