Treasures of a sun-kissed land

Treasures of a sun-kissed land

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IMAGINE … an endless sea of wildflowers – vivid reds, blues, purples, pinks, yellows … every colour that you can imagine – bobbing in a gentle mid-morning breeze.

Or the smell of almost-baked bread wafting from outdoor ovens at a mission station built in a lonely valley more than 170 years ago. Or being pointed to a site – one of dozens – where, thousands of years ago, San artists composed their multi-coloured stories on rock.

Welcome to South Africa’s Northern Cape province, the guardian of an ancient land of wide open spaces and a range of attractions – including wildflowers waterfalls, rock paintings, Roaring Sands, battle sites and nature reserves – to suit every taste.

The Northern Cape

Follow the sun not the crowds

Northern Cape Tourism Authority:

Tel: (053) 833-1434; fax: (053) 831-2937

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