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WOULD you challenge a complete stranger to a street or bar fight?

Of course you wouldn’t. But what if you’ve just had two, three or four alcoholic drinks?

Some people believe that alcohol makes them strong – and that the more they drink, the stronger they’ll become.

They’d be wrong, of course. All that one drink too many does is make them stupid and reckless

Consider this: approximately 80 percent of all assault victims, male and female, treated at the trauma unit of one Cape Town hospital were either found to be under the influence, or had been injured in alcohol-related violence.

And according to the National Institute for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of Offenders (NICRO), just under half of all male prisoners had consumed alcohol, or drugs, during or before committing their most recent crime.

If a complete (and obviously drunk) stranger tries to pick a fight with you, walk away – or call the police.

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