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It’s all a matter of opinion

Politicians love ‘writing’ newspaper or magazine opinion pieces – and, er, so do we. Is it an ego or snob thing … or is it a case of wanting to be king or queen for a day over a vast expanse of newspaper column centimetres of what journalists refer to as the Op-Ed page?

It doesn’t matter, really.

An opinion piece offers politicians, captains of industry, academic experts, trade unionists, NGO activists and past (or present) sporting greats, among others, an opportunity to argue their case on a variety of subjects, in much more than the usual 20cm of space.

It’s important to make the most of any opportunity to express your views on your favourite subject. For if your article strikes a chord among readers (often other opinion makers) – and, particularly, if it sparks widespread debate, you’re going to be invited to write another piece… and another after that. Before you know it, you’ll be regarded as an expert – or, at the very least, as a personality whose opinions sell newspapers or magazines.

It’s one thing having access to lots of information (or to have strong views on how to use it). But setting out an opinion in just the right racy style has often proved the undoing of aspirant opinion piece experts. This is where we can be of service….

We’ve written many opinion pieces over the years. In 1,000 words or more (or less), we will set out, in compelling style, your views or your suggestions on how to change those things in our country that need changing. The key is taking all the hard facts, conclusions and calls to action, and wrapping them in an anecdote or two.

In 2008, the late Kader Asmal, in responding to the story of Chris Petersen, which Dougie Oakes had penned for Marius Fransman, urged Fransman to continue the fight for justice for those who had been forced off their land during the apartheid era. Touchingly, Asmal said: ‘It [the article] brought a tear to my eye.’ And he added: ‘More power to your pen, Marius’.

View some examples of opinion pieces we have written:

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