Letters, messages, business proposals & theses

So you’re writing a thesis and at the back of your mind is the little talk your professor gave you about not having the time to correct spelling and grammatical errors.

We know exactly how you feel. Of course, you want to hand in something that reads like a good book, with great chapter introductions, short, zippy sentences and simple English. Let’s face, you’d love your work to be turned into a good book. And with the right editor, you could.

And speaking of the right editor….

We can help you – providing you book our services early.

This is perhaps a good time to tell you about a few of the other services we offer. We love SMSes, with their quirky way of spelling, and emails. But when you’re trying to wrap up a business deal worth a couple of million rands, it’s always better (not to mention classier) to state your case in proper English.

Our first few working hours on a Wednesday are set aside for letters. We’d be happy to add yours to our in-basket.

If you need help putting together a business proposal or a message, we can help too. We know how quickly a deadline can creep up on a busy politician or business person who smilingly agreed to write a message for a brochure or an event such as a cycle tour or jazz festival.

Read some of our sample spreads (budget breakdowns have not been given, for obvious reasons) and if you require our services, feel free to contact us.

Examples of work we have done:

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