DEDT Sample Letter

DEDT Sample Letter

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16 March 2010

Dear Mr …….,

I have been given a copy of your email consisting of job creation suggestions that you sent to Premier Helen Zille on 20th February this year.

I would like to thank you for giving so much of your time to compile and motivate the range of ideas that you included in the email. One of government’s biggest challenges in the Western Cape centres on the need to tackle unemployment.

If all our citizens join hands – as you have done in this instance – to search for ways to create opportunities for those who are currently struggling to find work, we will make even bigger strides than at present to create the type of province that all of us dream of.

I have given instructions to the relevant people in the Department of Economic Development and Tourism to collate your ideas, to check their feasibility and to recommend if, when or where they can be implemented.

Once again, many thanks for your suggestions.

With kind regards,


Acting Head of Department

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