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Writing a speech that sizzles

Part of the secret of writing a good speech for someone else is to become that person.

Over the past few years Dougie Oakes has been a Premier of the Western Cape, at least four MECs, a business woman and a member of a university council.

Preparation is important – and so the first thing he sets up with first-time clients is a ‘face-to-face’ (although this is not always possible).

Says Oakes: ‘In the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee and the last of the Romany Creams, I’d want to have the answers to the following questions: Is he a Barack Obama – or a Jacob Zuma? Is she a Lynne Brown – or a Patricia de Lille?

‘Does he come across like a friendly uncle – or a fire-and-brimstone preacher? Does she speak quickly or slowly? Will he follow the script to the last jot and tittle? Can she adapt what she’s saying according to her audience? They’re very basic questions, really – but important nonetheless.

‘Generally, I’d jot down my impressions in between compiling a list of content ideas (in bullet point form). And, of course, I’d ask questions about the expected audience.’

Now, about getting down to writing that speech.

We love weaving stories into the speeches we write – and we believe that audiences love listening to these stories, and will therefore love listening to everything the speechmaker might say.

That’s what we try convincing them, anyway….

View some examples of speeches we have previously written:

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