Cricket South Africa’s Social Justice and Nation-Building report is 235 pages in extent.
There is enough in its contents to satisfy me that racism – among other unsavoury events – has been ever-present in the boardrooms and playing fields of the national body.
There have also been ominous signs that lawyers and, possibly, courts will be called on to settle some of the matters raised in the report.
First, here is what I think will happen on the administrative level….
The contract of CSA’s Director of Cricket, Graeme Smith expires on 31 March 2022 – and I believe it will NOT be renewed.
And it does not matter what his lawyer says about this.
The Office of the Transformation Ombudsman (OTO) did not play around when it reported on Smith’s appointment, describing it as ‘irregular, irrational, and unfair’.
‘When Smith’s initial short-term contract expired, it was ‘neither renewed nor extended’, it was pointed out.
‘Instead, Cricket South Africa and Mr Smith entered into an independent contractor agreement in terms of which Mr Smith’s services were engaged from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022,’ it said.
And here, it noted that the relationship between an independent contractor and an employer was a purely commercial undertaking, ‘not governed by the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1996, as amended’.
This, said the OTO, made it unlawful as it was in breach of Cricket South Africa’s own supply management policy.
I believe CSA will drag this matter out to the end of March next year when they will announce that Smith’s contract – and that of Mark Boucher – will not be renewed.
But for now, Smith remains the DOC – and here are the things about this that pee me off.
What qualifications does he have for a position that is essentially being the CEO of a company?
Does the fact that he played test cricket and that he was captain of the test side qualify him for the position – and for its salary of R450,000 per month?
Can someone please explain this to me?
On what basis was he headhunted?
What other CEO positions have being held by Smith?
Is Ali Bacher, who chatted with him in a faux interview prior to his appointment, still on the payroll of CSA?
Here is the thing: if there is an attitude that a senior Proteas player of, say 20 years ago, is fit for purpose for a DOC position in Cricket South Africa, the chances are it will be a white person.
And it will be a white person, not chosen on merit, but because of all the opportunities that were still being given to white people in that period.
That, in my book, gives that person an unfair advantage.