‘My issue is that cricket is inherently not a black man’s game in South Africa’

– Daryll Cullinan – August 2016.

Now, take this in carefully….

In this India test series, there were 5 black players out of the starting 11; 3 bowlers and 2 batters.

That is: 45% of the team were black.

They scored 47% of the runs and took 60% of the wickets.

I reckon they are holding their own.

Nuh. Daryll?

What should happen next….

Cricket South Africa is at the beginning of a new (yeah, yet another one) era after their series victory over India this week.

They are still far from being the finished article, assuming you can even have a finished article in cricket.

But what is needed is a talent-spotting team who can comb the country, [and this is important] who are aware of the politics of South Africa, and who can spot potential Proteas outside the traditional cricket schools.

I think it is a bit of a travesty that Keegan Petersen, the Player of the Series against India, should have played only five tests by his 28th year.

This must not happen to any talented player again.

What is needed are new ways of seeing by those who run the game – and by those who are given the responsibility of finding and developing new talent.

And please, please, make sure that people like Cullinan, Boeta Dippenaar, Pat Symcox and Brian McMillain are not allowed anywhere near CSA structures….