Cricket – like all sport in this country – belongs to all people in this country.

And the sooner white South Africans, who either themselves or their forebears, sought, for generations, to control the game as a ‘whites-only’ sport, stop their carping from the sidelines, the better.

You’ve had your chances. You effed it up. Royally.

Mark Boucher was not responsible for the Proteas beating India in the test and limited overs contests.

The team – some of whom should have been given a chance a long time ago – played well. It was a case of – in spite of.

So, now it’s time to leave the running of cricket to those who have the courage to build it into a game for everyone.

It will not be easy. But it must be done.

And if former players – and, indeed, anyone from writers to coaches to administrators – seek to weasel their way into top positions through lies and reinvention, they must be told where to go – in plain language.

Let’s be clear about a few things that irk – and which should never be forgotten or forgiven….

Have Ali Bacher or Joe Pamensky EVER apologised for trying to destroy world cricket by arranging rebel tours for white cricketers?

Not. A. Damn.

Have white cricketers who played in these rebel circuses ever expressed regrets for doing so?


Not. A. Damn.

Have the majority of these same white cricketers just once said: ‘Apartheid was wrong?’

Yet again….

Not. A. Damn.

Instead, just the other day Super Sport ran a programme in which former players like Jimmy Cook, Mike Proctor and others spoke about ‘getting back into international sport’ as if a great sin were inflicted on white South African cricketers – and, in fact, as if they ever played ‘real’ international sport.

They played against other white countries who were too yellow-bellied for far-too-long to say ‘No’ to them.

Cricket writer Colin Bryden believes a song referring to Paul Adams as ‘brown shit’ (which the current Proteas coach, Mark Boucher, joined in with gusto) was nothing but a ‘good-natured’ insult

Bloody hell. Have any of you heard of a ‘good natured insult’ – especially one with racial overtones?

I wasn’t surprised though.

Bryden authored a book on Bacher, which somehow or other had Nelson Mandela putting his name to a quite disgusting foreword, which came as close to dammit to supporting racist sport, even while the great man was on the Island.

‘Even in those years of seclusion on Robbin Island we took note with pride, although we were naturally opposed to the racially exclusive nature of the team, how he led South Africa to victory against Australia,’ were the words someone had put into Mandela’s mouth.

Again, I say, let’s ignore yesterday’s people, and build an organisation free of even a hint of the baggage of the past….