Let’s get one thing clear: most sensible people will be against war.
They will be against powerful countries invading powerless neighbours.
They will be only too aware that war kills innocent people.
People everywhere need to give a shit when men, women, and children whose only reason for living is to be happy are wiped out by weapons employed by soldiers who have no idea why they have been ordered to kill.
It’s time for the No’s to drown out the Ayes.
Most people are against hypocrites – especially politicians.
And if they were to look at things objectively, few will disagree that USA, the UK, their NATO allies, and all others who support them, are hypocrites – of the worst kind.
If any good is to come out of Russia’s ill-conceived incursion into Ukraine, and of the arrogant response of the USA and its allies to what has happened, it has to be this….
1. That Russia be given the space to talk, and then to extricate itself from Ukraine;
2. That the USA and its NATO allies carry out its agreements it made with Russia during the era of Mikhail Gorbachev;
3. That racism be removed from the world view of the USA, the UK and all other countries who are offering to help with refugees. Refugees, whether white or black, are people fleeing dire situations in their home countries.
4. That the USA and the UK, especially, seriously examine their attitude when it comes to the situation in Palestine. Why are they continuing to turn a blind eye to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine? Why do they feel it’s fine when Israel’s soldiers kill inhabitants of the biggest concentration camp in the world – as easily and as nonchalantly as shooting fish in a barrel? And yet, they are so eager to rattle their sabres in Eastern Europe.
5. That the USA be made to answer for the weapons it is supplying to Saudi Arabia – and the blind eye it is turning to the destruction these weapons of wreaking in tiny Yemen.
Like all wars, truth and honesty are casualties that closely follow death and destruction. Let’s hope that the governments of other countries (like South Africa) and ordinary people will remember this when they weigh up their responses to what is happening, not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.