It is interesting … wait, let me rephrase this: it is DISGUSTING that television reporters from ‘Western TV stations are spouting rubbish about the level of ‘civilisation’ of blue-eyed blonde people being caught up in the current war in Eastern Europe, involving Russia and Ukraine.
Let us just remind ourselves that Europe has the most bloodthirsty history on the planet.
And it’s a history that goes back a few hundred years.
I’ll write about that in the next few days.
But let me start with highly-civilized England, supreme masters of theft of works of art (not to mention land) wherever they set foot and conquered around the world.
I’m going to be short, but you’ll get the picture after I mention this….
In England in the 1800s, there were no fewer than 200 offences for which people could be sentenced to death by hanging. These included:
1. The theft of 5 shillings from a shop.
2. A sailor caught begging.
3. Stealing from a rabbit warren.
4. Cutting down a tree.
It was an age when a woman could be burnt alive at the stake for treason, while their male counterparts were hanged until half-alive, and then made to watch as their entrails were removed, and then finally being put out of their misery by being cut into quarters.
And remember, England, at that time, was the most civilized country on earth.
Source: The Reader’s Digest Illustrated History of South Africa: the Real Story. Edited by Dougie Oakes.